Sunday, September 12, 2021


WOW, what a whirlwind the last three plus weeks, spent in the most glorious way with my family, (even adding one more.)
Our first week was spent in beautiful Meeteetse, Wyoming. The smallest of small towns in Northwestern Wyoming. A true town with only 3 corners marking its center, the only 'grocery store' was in the one gas station.  However, its charm overflowed in this small town, wooden side walks, a chocalatier shop and a 'antique' store that could keep one in town for a month.

Our cabin of 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 great rooms, huge kitchen and a porch no one wanted to leave, the view was AMAZING! 
We cooked big meals, all taking turns cooking and cleaning, worked on puzzles, played with the littles, celebrated a birthday, (Jason), star gazed, and FISHED. We are a crew that needs to be near trout streams. Two fly fished for the first time and I think we may have hooked them.

Forgot candles for the ice cream cake, so a scented candle had to due.

Family photo minus Betty, she refused to be in photo. ( a picture I am sure she will use later in therapy, 'see, I'm not in any family pictures, I know I was adopted')

Erin and her first catch

Amazing sun sets

Yellowstone Canyon

Erin and her 'forever love'

This boy takes Candy Land very seriously!

Natalie, Nathan and Tilda

Caitlin and Cody


Bison YSNP

So much more to talk about with more pictures over the next week or so, but for now I have laundry that is going to take  a week to get through and unpacking with lots of sorting.

Saturday, August 7, 2021


Alleys in my town

Picking these on the side of the road soon, for dying yarn.

     Holy Smokes, (and yes, I mean that literary), it is so smokey here my lungs and head hurt today. No outside, non, nada, nope, not today. I have to say, all these issues we are facing,(fires, environment, political, COVID, etc...) are beginning to wear on me, and yet their is really little I can do about any of it! 

On to things I enjoy doing. I am working on a (reproductive fabric) hexie quilt, all done by hand. I have not bought any fabric for this quilt... yet, and hope not buy any. Use it up or do with out! 

Canning season has started! Caitlin and I have put up 6 cases of peaches the past week, equaling 52 quarts! That is a record canning peaches for me. I hope to have pepper jelly done this week. Canned 16 jars of blueberry jam and it is over the top good.

I bought a new sewing machine! Yes, it is an antique hand crank machine that sews like a dream. I have a real soft spot for old sewing machines. 

Other things happening here at my house: sorting out photos, lots of photo memory making paraphernalia. I use do so much of this stuff and make loads of photo books, cards and invitations. The 'stuff' just kept making its way into my home and today I went thru boxes and draws full of stamps, paper, cute stickers, more paper, cutters, pen and stamps. I blame my obsession with collecting and playing with all this on the fact I went to Catholic Schools and we really did not have art class, I was making up for lost time.
Well, its all organized and now I want to start cropping again.

The last picture of Eric and the kids melts my heart. The three of them watching the lake and bobber for a fish to rise and bite. They had no luck on this trip, but sure did enjoy the experience.

Friday, July 30, 2021

JUST TOO......

All great books. It has been hotter than Hades here and I have been locked up in a dark cool basement-so over it all. 

I'm screaming for WINTER!

Quilt borders done, sandwiched but not quilted---too HOT

Waiting for rain--Always

Arms are yet to be knitted----yup, you got it--too HOT

Love this sweater! Done knitting, not done finishing, weaving and sewing underarms closed=
You should know why by now.

This river flooded 2 weeks ago, we were here 3 weeks ago. It is expected to have some heavy flash flooding tonight thru Monday morning. With glorious rain and cooler temps comes evil brotherII....flooding.

The river looks dark but the flood brought a river rolling with thick mud, it turned black.
Five people died in the river as well as so, so many fish. 

We sure had fun while we were able to be on the river safely. 
We really need to FIX the environment and now!
Too Hot, too Dry, too many Fires, too little rain, too little snow and now Deadly flash flooding.
Oh Colorado, we need to help heal you and care for you better.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Best Pecan Bar I have had in years.
(as you can see, I ate most of it before I thought to take a picture)

Little Oaks Sweater
the girl loves it, though I need to get some buttons.

Autumn Blocks Cardigan was a fun knit till I got to the sleeves. Then pattern reads; increase 2st 
 every 5/8'. Oh , and stay in pattern---but no info where to start 10st repeat pattern so everything meets up 'in line' for the yoke. After several attempts and grafting out pattern, not to mention hair pulling and messaging a knitting podcaster in Norway for advice. She messaged me right back, which I appreciated and said ' I had to imagine it in my head and go from there.' What????
 I think I figured it out and off I went, so far I think it will work, but the proof will be when I get to the yoke. 
I love European patterns because they give minimal information, unlike some American patterns that can be 20 pages long, with way TMI,  that only confuses the  But, I would have appreciated a little more info on the sleeves for this pattern. I do feel a little like I can now do any pattern or I will when -and if the yoke works! 

Scandinavian Sweater Book

Another small top finished that has been sitting on the shelf for to many long....years. 
I have one more finished top that has been hanging around for years that I hope to have done next month. My hope is to get through these finished tops and start making more NEW tops. I have a thing for running fabric through a sewing relaxing.

Snow pictures taken early Sunday morning before the Blizzard really turned up the snow dial.

 We survived the Spring  Blizzard here on the Front Range. When it was all said and done I believe we got around 30" of wet heavy snow. The blizzard ended Sunday night and by Monday afternoon already so much had melted, being sunny and in the low 40's. The above picture is Tuesday morning and the snow is melting fast. The city did come through and plow our street Tuesday morning at zero dark thirty, plowing frozen snow/ice into our truck, as well as blocking our driveway with a wall of ice snow. We dug that out early on Tuesday wearing t-shirts, again sun out and temps rising. We have more snow, (so they are saying) coming in tonight and then again early next week, nothing big, just an inch or so......
I do love the fickleness of Colorado Spring weather and find it entertaining listening to all the folks that have spent little time in this great state complain about the late season snows. Ha, wait till they experience a blizzard in the middle of May, and yes I have been through a couple of those too. These snows is what fills our rivers and reservoirs, water that will be much needed during the summer. 
I hope to see a couple more snow drops, measurable snows come through before summer turns on the heat.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021


 Things here the past week has been happening in the kitchen. Artisan Breads have been made, and the Mr.states 'it's the best he has ever had'. Wow, now that is an endorsement! Also yesterday, made a total of nine quarts of chicken bone broth, we were dangerously low, maybe only one quart on the shelf...yikes. Just for fun, I made bacon date wraps and we ate them for a lunch. 

Little Oaks Sweater is finished, (except for buttons) but no picks yet ;-]  

Reading: Dark Sky.  C J Box is always a great escape read.
Shadow Box By Luanne Rice.  A 3 star, didn't hold many surprises for me, I finished it in a day to see if I was correct as to who the murderer was, I was correct.

Now for the exciting news:  I have my first vaccine scheduled for this morning! I could hardly sleep last night knowing the end of this pandemic is within sight.
Second great news of the week; we have a snow storm coming. A real Rocky Mountain, upslope March snow......which means a prediction of 2-4 FEET of snow. Those totals will get more accurate by Thursday night but this storm is working up to be a whopper. I love a good RM Spring storm! Today, we will run errands ahead of the storm, gas for the snow blower, googles for the Mr. so he can clear all the snow. Due to the pandemic we don't need to stock up on food items, our pantry will due fine.


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