Wednesday, January 12, 2022


                                         Colorado has seen a little snow and I mean a little, maybe 15 inches total thus far in January. Nothing to claim bragging rights. 

 At my house, we are in isolation, 'dry dock' as my family calls it. No one has been sick, just need to stay COVID free to meet a surgery date for Eric. We went into dry dock on Christmas Day and will resurface mid-February. We are home bodies here normally, but something about 'CAN'T' go out that gets old fast. 

Sooo.....I have been quilting, knitting and SPINNING!  Dish clothes, six finished, we needed new ones badly. I have not had a store bought dishcloth in my entire married life....43 years just celebrated. Column sweater: finished. Not in love with this sweater but am wearing it often, guess it can't be that bad, (no pics yet.). The other hand knit that has been moved up in regular rotation is Altheda sleeveless sweater. I love this vest, great for these mild winter days and keeps the core nice and warm. Now, please don't think for a minute that any time is spent on daily out fit planning, zero thought goes into my wardrobe planning, jeans, cotton long sleeve shirt, (I only own 5 cotton shirts), Column sweater or Altheda vest or sweatshirt, [the sweatshirt usually wins out.]  I like to keep things simple and stress free;-]

 I am back to spinning, need another color for my 'Color Spun Shawl", am on a blue BFL spin and enjoying this fiber, nice and sticky. 

 Finished is another scrap quilt, unsure of name, I didn't use a pattern. This quilt gave me higher blood pressure. It's not constructing the blocks but quilting on a table top machine. I think the problem is, I am having trouble handling BIG quilts and doing free hand feather quilting, [which I love.} I fret and fret over the quilting, and all for naught. Once washed, the quilt is beautiful and the quilting pleasing.

READING: The War Of the Roosevelts.  This family intrigues me, especially Eleanor. Great book. 

The House of Gucci: The Gucci family...lets just say I am glad I am not related to them. Interesting but creepy book.

The Rockefellers: I have a like/hate feeling for this family. The Rockefeller foundation has done some amazing things in the USA as well as some horrifying deeds. 

Christmas Bells: just a mindless story for me and I have read so many of Jennifer Chiaverini books, I know all the characters.

Watching, all the shows on BritBox!

Cooking: Homemade Bread, Pasta, soups, roast, anything that is in the house. Good time to 'use up' all the pantry and freezer food. Even putting together an inventory [on a spread sheet] of pantry and freezer! Life has certainly a bizarre twist for me.

Joining Kat this morning

Saturday, November 20, 2021


Singer 401

Halloween 2021

Some serious typing

Day of the Dead

First Trick or Treating

 Lately it seams to take me awhile to write here, not sure if it is because I feel not much is going on in my life. My husband and I don't exactly live an exciting life and the little we do, do out and about has been curtailed by COVID. Our numbers are so high in the county that the Feds. have sent in health care workers to man the ICU's and ER's! That's a first, not sure what it's going to take to convince people that this is serious! Get vaccinated! Betty, has missed more school than she has been in- due to COVID outbreaks in her class. So far she has avoided the virus and now has her first vaccination completed. Gus, his school too, has COVID and RSV. Schools closed early for the Holidays due to low staff , stress and illness. Sure hope the hospitals don't take this route, but then the Feds. are here to help and the kids while home so much have graduated from 'med school', they are ready to do their part. I got my booster, Mederna and I think I will be switching to Phizer from now on. Merderna kicks my butt, worth the trouble if my only choice, but I can get Phizer and get the same results...IMMUNITY.

I did go to a couple of Flea Markets, and I am a real sucker for vintage sewing machines. And this Singer 401 is a gem and only $50. I also bought not one, but TWO Remington Typewriters for $60. These typewriters are running about $175. around here. I know that's crazy.  I like to send snail mail and my sister and I have written letters to each other for years, sometimes several a week and other times once a month, but we write. I also joined some snail mail groups (yes, they are actually a thing!) I love opening a letter and not junk mail. I don't even get bills in the mail anymore due to banking auto bill payer, not that I'm complaining-don't care for bills, though dislike junk mail more.

We haven't had the kids since Halloween, but are going to make up time this's PIE season at the shop. I believe they will be making somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 pies for Thanksgiving. And....that means the kiddos will be here everyday till Thursday when we all gather for a Thanksgiving dinner at the shop. Caitlin decided that dinner will be at the shop where we can all spread out more, yet be together. Eric and I are in charge of the mash potatoes,( I am Irish after all).  Looking forward to a smaller Thanksgiving feast and a return to some normalcy.

Knitting has been a hit and a miss, hats a hit, fair isle sweater is a miss thus far. Gauge correct but size wrong...oye vey.  Also working on Felix Sweater, a gift a think. And the Tess shawl, this is just a long knit. Some sewing going on and I did take a class on 'fixing the Serger' and mine is running like a dream.

Books: Mrs. Lincoln's Sisters.  
Mary Lincoln I find a very interesting American Women, very misunderstood and a women with many sides. She also dealt with some mental health issues that were misunderstood in the late 19th century.   

The Taking of Jemima Boone.
I have just started this book, lots of history.. American Indian history. True American History really needs to be taught in school or we will never get past our 'White Privilege!' The TRUTH, why are white people so afraid of it?

Fall is waning here in Northern Colorado, our first measurable snow happened early this week and it was a welcome sight. Fall has been beautiful this year, a little on the warm side but the colors -beautiful.
Hope your Thanksgiving is peaceful and everything you need it to be this year.

Friday, October 22, 2021


RIP-gauge correct-wrong size.....grrr!


New to me, dehydrating tomatoes-then grinding them into a powder. remix with water when needing tome paste/sause.

 The latter half of September and first half of October have been the 30 days of viruses here at the Little House. No, not COVID-thank goodness, just re-entry into the world viruses. After having been inside keeping people not in our bubble away, going out (even though wearing a mask), seems my immune system forgot how to fend off little annoying viruses. It’s been a long frustrating month, but I am on the mend now! Thank you science for antibiotics! It is time to knock out this low grade sinus infection once and for all. Today is the first day I feel energy returning, like I may want to actually do something today, walk, bake, sew, who knows, the sky is the limit. Unfortunately, my granddaughter’s classroom has a COVID out break, so she is in remote learning now! My county is again on a mandatory mask wearing in all buildings again. When is America going to get it together and do what is needed to end this pandemic? 

I have been knitting with some finish wins and a sad RIP sweater that I am now recasting on after having to set it aside in a time out. The Felix Sweater above is a 'new' cast on using Nutiden Yarn from Sweden. This yarn is unspun and breaks easily but easy to put back together. I love the color, a dark maroon with lots of other colors blended in the mix. 

Hoping for a long Fall season with lots of walks, knitting, good health and family time. 

Monday, October 4, 2021


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