Monday, October 3, 2016


Last week E and I took our youngest to the Twin Cities for her new beginnings. She landed a great job in CC unit as a graduate nurse----so exciting! We drove all day, me Erin's car and E. the truck pulling a U-haul. Erin and I had fun with her googling all sorts of facts regarding the states we were driving through.
We made the drive in one very  long tiring day, about 16 hours! Many potty stops on the way, with two older people (ahem, names withheld), and three dogs, well that all adds up to STOPS!
On Tuesday we unloaded the U-Haul, unpacked, and shopped for needed items-then slept! Wednesday- E and I left our sweetie and headed for the Black Hills.
I had never seen Mt. Rushmore nor the Dakotas. 
Truth be told Mt. Rushmore was just like the pictures, I was dissappointed with the history that was presented at the site. All about how the monument was made and nothing about how the land was  aquired or for that matter any history of the Black Hills prior to the US gov. taking over the area.
I must say it has been the first National Park I have been in that was disappointing, beautiful  ( think Dances with Wolves beauty),but disappointing. 
Oh and I sent my baby to the land of ice and cold with a newly finished Norweigan hand knit sweeter
Loved this pattern,( already have the yarn to make another). But the BEST is the sweater fit Erin perfectly! That is a first for me!  
We are enjoying the fall weather here in Colorado, my favorite season! We may even get our first snow on the front range this week ;-}. Knitting and knit wear weather!
Betty drew her first picture last week, however I heard she preferred to eat the crayons than color .

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Bonnie said...

Beautiful sweater Eileen. Such a pretty daughter too. I felt much the same way about Mt. Rushmore. And somehow it seemed so much smaller when n person thank n photos😬

CathieJ said...

I rarely have a sweater fit perfectly. That sweater is so beautiful. Congratulations to Erin for a wonderful position as a nurse!

karen said...

beautiful sweater!!!! and oh those uhaul moves! bittersweet yet exciting in a way :)

AsKatKnits said...

Absolutely beautiful sweater!! Wow!! Again - beautiful pictures as well!


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