Sunday, October 30, 2016


Great week had here at Little House! I took 3 classes on Wednesday, two knitting and one photography. The knitting classes were at My Sister Knits and Jeffrey from the Wall of Yarn was the instructor. First class: knitting and purling BACKWARDS. This is a great method to learn for short rows and if your pattern calls for bobbles ;-}, could happen. It's a dexterity thing to knit/purl backwards- but so fun.
Second class was two color knitting; how to pick your colors, swatching, holding 2,3 colors-one hand or in two hands, and finally tension.
In the evening I took a photography class, that was choke full of great information.

Thursday Mr E. and I went on another hike, we hiked 5.5 miles. I love our hikes, seeing this beautiful state I live in- yet was always too busy,{ in my pre-retirement life} to spend mornings hiking all its magnificient trails. We plan to hike hopefully twice a week, until the snow flies that is ;-}

Saturday was spent cutting out another shirt and sewing. When I tired of that, I moved over to the quilt I have been working on. So many small 2 inch squares but sew FUN! 

Happy Halloween Weekend.
Be Safe!!!!! 

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Summer said...

A photography class sounds nice ♥


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