Saturday, October 8, 2016


Nathan and Betty bonding! Yes, Nathan had the "touch". Betty thought Nathan was very cool!


Fern Falls

I look at this picture every morning, it puts a BIG smile on my face! Kids are so in the moment, never thinking about the past or what is to come in the future, (as long as the food is available)
Nor do they care what others will think of their behavior or say...presentation.
And their smiles-best medicine on the planet!!!
Oh to be a kid again!

E and I spent the day up on the river fishing (Eric), I spent the day watching E fish- knitting and reading. A totally delightful Day! On our way out to the car we pick some "yellow" flowers/tumble weed for me to dye yarn. I have plenty of brown/yellow dyed yarn, but can't help myself when I am in a field of color.
Knitting: Baby Pants


steph said...

and will you get 'yellow' from these plants? I love how the dye process produces surprises so often!! Sounds like a delightful day.

Alica said...

I'm way behind on reading your blog...but I see that several big congratulations are due you!! What fun to be a grandma...and how nice to have ALL your time TO YOURSELF! :) Enjoy!

Jody M said...

what a wonderful way to spend your time - on the river, reading, knitting. Sigh.


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