Saturday, October 15, 2016


Oh my, what a wonderful week. Nothing like a baby staying at the house to slow life down in so many ways, yet keeping SOOO busy with her I'm falling into bed at 630 exhausted. Watching her change daily from picking things up, sitting up on own,( yeah, she almost has that down), new hair growth on that perfect head,  to her laughs and blowing bubbles and figuring out it's OK to nap without being held. ., 
We play, rock, change diapers and take walks outside.
What an honor to be her MeMe, Grandpa's pretty honored having the opportunity to spend so much time with her too. She even took to looking and a little tearing up of Grandpa's fishing magazines. No problem, that is the start of being an apprentice fly fishing-woman.
Knitting is being accomplished one row here, one row there. So the baby wool pants may not be done till the snow actually flies. I did however get the buttons on the Little Sister's Dress, with barely any time to loose. It just fits!
Big Butt Baby pants were made out of the cutest flannel material picked up in Lyons Colorado.
White Leaf Cowl was packaged up and shipped to Minnesota for my youngest.
The sweet crochet blanket was finished 2-3 years ago and discovered this very week-it now belongs to BB. It makes a great stroller blanket!.
Fall-the perfect time for stroller walks, BEAUTIFUL!

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Julie Mankin said...

She is a sweetie!!

karen said...

what a blessing to have that experience and I love all the hand made knits in the photos!! What a cute girl :)


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