Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Hey, hey, I'm a Monkey!

BB pretending to be a Lion

Is not this Fall just simply BEAUTIFUL! Mr. P and I have been out on walks/hikes in the morning and are loving our time outdoors before the snow flies. Speaking of snow flying, well it is way behind schedule here on the Front Range of the Rockies. Our first snow fall should have happened about 15 days ago. The evenings and nights continue to be too warm for me, I want cold weather to snuggle under quilts at night and wear all sorts of knitted goodness during the day. Besides we really need the moisture here...badly.

Some happenings here at Little House:

:: finished a quilt I started 15-20 years ago. I was hand quilting my reproduction Bubble Gum Pink Quilt( circa:late 1800's), but I used 100% authentic cotton batting (wadding)! How did they do it? Quilting through that batting I needed to pound the needle with a hammer. Hence, why this quilt ended in the back of a closest! I decided-finished is better than authenticity-I machined quilted the Pink Beauty. That cotton batting sure does shrink and pucker up after being washed and dried, an affect I like!

:: Bike Trail pictures heading West. Walked west to beneath the Foothills. That gorgeous horse would not lift his head for me to take a picture. Usually he will let me pet him and always wants a treat, (though NEVER give a horse a treat before asking owner permission).

:: My sweet BB loves people food, will eat about anything offered to her except, formula and baby food. She wants the real deal! Dill pickles, why, yes please!

:: Caitlin took me to this GREAT consignment store in Wyoming and I purchased a hand knit Aran sweater from Killarney Ireland for 13 dollars!  It's a size Med. so will be going to my youngest as a gift! It would be waaayyy to warm to wear here,  but not in Minnesota. Also found at consignment shop was the monkey Halloween outfit for wee one, cost $5. We are returning to the shop this week!

:: Reading- Finished Louisiana Longshot. Very entertaining, great book to read while walking on the treadmill at 5am. Starting another of hers in the morning.

It's been a full week here at Little House, though the perfect pace we are able to maintain.

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Heather said...

That quilt is so pretty! I have never made a quilt before, I think about it but never actually get to making one.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Great post!! Your quilt is beautiful and will be a treasure for sure...looks like a antique quilt! I love fall too! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.

Hug's, Carolyn

Alina said...

This quilt is epic!!! And the Aran sweater?!! It just can't be more perfect!

Anonymous said...

I have almost the exact same sweater that I got at a thrift store. It has a faint stain on one sleeve (not noticeable unless you really look) which is why it was in the thrift store. I love it& wear it a lot during the winter.
I wish I could send you some of our rain-we broke records this fall for rainfall (N. Idaho). :-)

Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

What lovely pictures! I've recently moved to Florida, and I have to say, Fall just isn't the same here. (Sure, it has it's pluses, but it's not FALL!) ;-)

I'd love to have you link up at my weekly Yarn Fanatic Party. This week's can be found here: http://www.thephilosopherswife.net/2016/10/yarn-fanatic-party-67.html

Kyle said...

I remember that quilt! Glad you got it done.

Laura Boutin said...

I totally understand about the cotton batting!! I put a 30's repro quilt top away for years because I gave up hand quilting it. I finally finished it by machine as well; it was too pretty to keep in a timeout. It was a frankenstein way to finish it, but I don't regret it because it is now a finished quilt!
Love that Aran sweater

simply made country life said...

Lovely sweater. My mom had same one when I was a teen. It was so elegant on her. Congratulations on its completion. Much work.

Evelyn Hender said...

beautiful quilt, they look so much cozier after they've been washed some how lol

karen said...

gorgeous quilt! my mom used to quilt and my sister does and I admire that skill immensely :)


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