Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Wondering if their was a dump here in years long ago and these pipes allow the gases to escape.
Anyone know anything about these kind of pipes. They are an eye sore on this beautiful high dessert prairie. A good visual reminder to me; "be careful what and how much I throw away. For away is only out of my house, though not out of sight!"

Handsome paint!

Life has been very full lately with miles of walking in the foothills before the snow flies. It has been very unseasonably warm and dry here in Northern Colorado that is becoming very concerning for us that remember the drought during the entire 90's. Hope is eternal, and the rain and snow will come, our walks over and on the foothills trails will stop and progress to snow shoeing...Mr. P rolled his eyes;-}
Knitting has lived up to  the anxiety medicine I need in large doses these strange/sad days post election. I am shocked that the tyranny yoke of "good adult behavior" has been cast aside by our new leaders in Washington. It is a wait and see time, a prayerful time that will be loaded with LOTS of knitting. A time to think and reflect where I can use my talents, time and money to care and nourish my family and all people in my community.
Hat-Rambled, a free pattern and extremely easy, fast and satisfying knit for the my little grand daughter!
Sundotttir sweater completed! A Jared Flood design that I am sorry to say I am not impressed with at all. I left out several of the shaping instructions and an entire section of short rows. I have come to the realization, a bottom up sweater that has more than 2 pages of instructions is to be steered clear of.
I need to do all the finishing work, not my favorite thing to do and then a good soaking and blocking.
I am very happy with how this sweater turned out with all my " I hope this works" changes in the pattern.
Congrats to Ginny and her new home!


Summer said...

Stunning photos ♥

Christine N said...

Beautiful faire isle! Too bad you had to do so many modifications. You did a beautiful job by the looks of it though.

Snap said...

Lovely sweater and cap (thank you for the links). Beautiful country. Colorado has its own special beauty. Lovely images.


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