Wednesday, November 23, 2016


The Holidays are upon us and my wish for me and my family is to be mindful of the season, be kind to one another and slow down! 
Mr.P and I will be making some Christmas cookies, {cut out ones} for my baby, her first Holiday season living far away from her family. She will be missed, but filling our hearts and thoughts!
The knits, well, I love knitting for the little one! I actually get these sweaters done quickly and who doesn't love a baby in hand knits?
A side note about the two sweaters, they have buttons from Little B's Great, Great Grandmother's button collection. I just love that!
I took pictures of books at the library to put on my reading list, when I write them down, I just loose that list...sigh. So I am going to keep a list with photos-at least till I run out of space on the cloud...hehehe!
Happy  Thanksgiving
lets all be grateful for what we have!

Please join me for


Alina said...

Oh, baby sweaters are always so adorable! And they are great for practicing sweater knitting skills!

Alica said...

That's so nice, that baby has sweaters with buttons that are sentimental~I'm a sentimental fool! :) Happy Thanksgiving! Alice is here visiting this year!

karen said...

super adorable sweater and I love your model :) there is nothing like a baby knit!!


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