Wednesday, September 14, 2016


We are finally in for a wee cool down, thank goodness! As you may have heard from me once or twice on this blog...haha, I am not a hot weather person! Fall is by far my favorite season with winter running right next to Fall. What can I say say, I'm a knitter/spinner, and quilter, three loves that are difficult to do in 90+ heat.  As matter of fact in 90+ heat, everything is difficult to do for me except to whine of course.
So here we are in the beginning of Fall and I am knitting on a Fair Isle Sweater hoping to complete this week. And we are to have a full day of rain, ( rain happened yesterday and it was lovely) What could make this knitter any happier?
Perhaps a pot of Chicken soup, ( I need to prep that today for my knitting sit in tomorrow-oh, and maybe chocolate cake).

Reading: The Last Season 
Just started this book about an hour ago-so far so good, sad though.

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steph said...

we are most definitely kindred spirits in the weather happy for you and your cool down. we've 'cooled down' to the upper 80s although we're due back to the 90s tomorrow and the rest of the week. I'm in total denial...there are pumpkins on the porch!!!


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