Monday, February 22, 2016


WOW, I haven't had a cold/flu bug in years, I mean years, and no I am not a big fan of the flu vaccine (for me personnally) though , I have gotten one every year to keep my job. Once my kids got out of primary grades, and my rediculous cleaning of all handles, washing of hands a bazillion times/day and changing toothbrushes the minute a hint of cold germ was near my home...well we managed to stay very healthy. So when Eric came home with a cold last week, I was a little surprised. The following week I had it and I was bummed! and miserable! I have been in bed for 4 days!!!! Of course all my days off work!!
In-between cold decongestion medication and sleep, I have managed a few rows of knitting. The bed is covered in knitting-not knowing what project my fuzzy head will be able to manage. 
Not a way I would choose to spend my weekend, the cold part, I am always knitting, but it was quiet  and Eric fed me....ahhh.


Kyle said...

Sorry you finally got bit by the bug. Hope you're feeling better. At least you did feel like knitting a little.

steph said...

bummer about the were productive though......such adorable little socks!!!! too cute! feel better soon!!!!

Sheila Alameda said...

So amazing creativity the socks to nice and comfortable!


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