Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Finishing up another pair of socks! Regis 4-fadig by Arne and Carlos is wonderful to knit with, Socks are not the most exciting knit to knit , but the self stripping makes these fun! I hope to make several more in the months to come. 
I bought the Ann Budd sock ruler too. I was tired of my socks being too short or too long...ugh. The ruler helps, something so simple and yet so useful.

Getting ready for warmer days with garden and house self sufficiency books.
Have had no time to really do anything but thumb through these book, will let you know after I spend more time diving into all the information they hold.

It's Wednesday


Donna said...

Self striping socks are so much fun to knit. It's like you have to keep going just to see what the next color is. Those books look interesting. Please report back to us on them.

harknessangels said...

Love that sock yarn! Great books! I am going to look for the first one at the library! Thanks!

Heather said...

I love homesteading books. Of course they always tend to get me in over my head in the garden...or I go and buy chickens :-)

Lucy Bowen said...

I've heard such great things about that yarn, I really need to get some!

Tania said...

Isn't that yarn knitting up into the most perfect pattern for your socks? They really are beautiful. Socks just look so complicated to knit to me but they must be magical to wear. Hope that you are enjoying tucking into the homesteading books.


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