Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Hello there!
Too many things happening here and they got away from me, hence no LittleHouseHouse chatter.
First, my computer-getting old , so traded it up. And it has taken me 2 full weeks to learn some simple steps on this new honey. One thing it does not have is i-photo, what? I think I will love it as we become more aquatinted but will need some kind of photo processing program...ideas?
Work too has been very stressful! not sure why, the more I try to control the stresses in my life-well they just seem to blindside me....ugh! I have been working long- extra hours and having little to none me time, makes for a grumpy Eileen.

Enough about poor me----
how are all of you? 
I have been taking pictures, so will catch up on my 365 over the next week. Thanks for your patience.

This morning I am heading to church to get Ashes. WOW, this is something I have not done....forever! In HighSchool we would give each other Ashes, {from the ashes of our cigarets;-{, now, now this was in the early, early 70's}. My sister and I have done something for Lent for several years now. We may give something up or do something healthy and nice for ourselves, family and friends. This year, not sure what I will be doing for Lent, perhaps meditate, pray each day to get centered and know I am not in charge.

Knitting several projects at once:
2 pairs of adult socks
1 pair baby socks
1 baby sweater
1 baby romper
1 adult poncho
1 adult dress
1 adult boy sweater

I best clear some of that off my list. 

Today was so sunny and warm! I love days like this, I can sit on the porch, soak up some Vitamin A&D-all the while knitting. Fresh air and sunshine does wonders for the affect. And we did have a big snow since last time I blogged. Eric measured over 14 inches.

Well happy Wednesday.
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Elaine said...

I love your socks! it is something I want to learn how to knit

Elise said...

Wow I thought I had a lot of projects on the go! I love your socks, I nearly bought my mother in law very similar yarn for her birthday, she'd love that shade! :)


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