Saturday, May 7, 2016


Where have I been?
Around and busy.
Had a rough late winter with colds, spent a lot of quit time healing and knitting.
Of course working full time, which always seems so stressful and I can't figure out why.
But, I have some wonderful news....
Betty, our first Grandchild has arrived and she is the most amazing, beautiful baby. She is a really good baby, came on the scene and just knew how to do the living thing that infant's needs to know.
Her Mama is doing well, took to mothering like a natural. 
All that knitting I have been doing for the past nine months is so fun to see Betty wearing.
I doubt there will be many pictures of Betty in the future for privacy reasons, but couldn't help myself to show her off this once.
In other good news, I turned in my RETIREMENT papers at work!
Yes, after 36 years I am leaving the hospital! 
It was a hard decision -though so happy I made it. First week in July I will be a free and dancing Grandma!
Hope all is well in your world and to be back here at Little House often.
Happy Spring to everyone
A Very Happy Mother's Day!

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Kyle said...

Congratulations on a beautiful new granddaughter and a yippee for your retirement.


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