Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Does life ever feel like it will move to my {SLOW} speed. I always feel like I have to readjust my days, attitude and thoughts to keep up. I’m not sure if life feels like its flying by because - well lets just say I’m getting older to almost an age, I was always too young to reach! What I’m trying to say is, sometimes, a lot of times, I don’t have the energy to keep up like I use to. There I said it!

A baby knitting update. I started another sweater on Saturday and am on the sleeves already. Love knitting baby things, they go so fast, helps me feel like I’m keeping up in the fast lane, [see above ;-}]. Such a feeling of accomplishment.
But- I need to get back to finishing some knits for my older children.

Have been reading “Our Only World” by Wendell Berry
Love, love it!
Here is a great interview with Bill Moyers and Wendell Berry, I highly recommend it, Mr. Berry rarely- if ever gives interviews.

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Donna said...

Look at you go on those sweaters! I kinda love that purple one. It's just adorable.

Cathy said...

I want to say it right along with you, "I don't have the energy to keep up like I use to". One of the tippets we must remember as we age, with grace, of course, is things change.
Love your little sweaters.
I need to try reading Wendell Berry again. Thanks for the recommendation.

Evelyn Hender said...

Lovely baby knits. I miss knitting teeny things. My babies were never very small at birth and grew so fast I used to make knits in 6 month sizes plus lol

Kelli said...

If it makes you any better I've been knitting away at baby things myself, all while a knit unicorn sits unfinished for one of my older children! It's been almost a year in the making! I guess it's time I get it done.
Love all your baby knits.
Visiting from Small Things,

Kyle said...

Your Baby sweater pile is growing. Are you becoming a grandma? If we slow down too much, the results are so good. Keep speeding along.

Caroline said...

Those baby knits are just the sweetest!! Putting a baby in a hand knit sweater just feels right :-)

Lucy said...

Your knits are looking so adorable! I hope the time will come that I can knit such a small garments too :-)

Heather said...

Beautiful sweaters! I have been trying to get life to slow down a bit too. This week has been much better for me, perhaps because all three of my kids decided a rest time was a good idea in the afternoon. Having that little bit of time to regroup has been really welcome!

kimberly bee said...

Well for moving along slowly you sure have made a lot of adorable knits! (but I do know what you mean :). I think I'll add Wendell Berry back to my re-reading list, too.


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