Monday, August 27, 2012


one of my favorite household appliance's broke today.
yes my clothesline.
i tend to have to replace these every two- three years, usually due to weather. 
meaning i do not get the line in winter storage quick enough and  a heavy snow storm comes through and snaps it in several pieces.
this time it was all the laundry i did after we came  home from vacation.
all the quilts, bedding and afghans all on the line together.
sure wish i had gotten a picture before it all it the ground :-)


Alica said...

You'll have to get an Amish wash line when you visit in a few weeks...I can hook you up with a pulley! :)

Bonnie said...

OOps. What a waste of good clean laundry. I hate when those little mishaps happen. Not the best way to end a good vacation.


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