Sunday, August 26, 2012


one of our days in yellowstone we went to watch the bison.
on the way to hayden valley where the bison are having their yearly party
we saw several lone male bison.
these guys are not invited to the party :(
lets just say they do not have the advantage of modern pharmaceutical drugs,
so the young girls just turn their eyes from these older, mature bison.
and this is why their are many lone male bison all over the park.
and they are grumpy not being invited to the annual party.
feeling a little left out and used up !

it is usually these uninvited bison who gore yellowstone visitors.
visitors like these two men in the picture !
the one man was half way between the bison and where they are standing in the picture,
while the other dude was taking a picture on his ipad !
this bison was getting irritated but held his temper and ignored these two fools.
i thought for sure i was seconds away from getting a picture of a man being gored.

but not today, the ole gent put his head down and was apparently more interested in his lunch.

this guy came a little too close to the truck and i got this picture. 
did not dare use my flash....

the following pictures were all taken in hayden valley at the "party".

we stayed a good 1-2 miles away from this party.

this young bull partied way too late last night and was resting on the banks of the river.

the smoke over hayden valley was fairly thick !
several fires burning in the park and some HUGE fires burning in idaho.
idaho fires were producing so much smoke one could not even see the tetons !
{ love photo shop or all pictures would have this smoke haze in them }

two bisons crossing the river

the yellowstone river runs through the hayden valley.
no fishing in this valley.
also in the valley are grizzly bears, black bears and wolves.
we did not see any of these animals.....darn.

i guess i should of cleaned the mirrors before taking this picture.

another uninvited ole fella on the road we passed slowly and quietly !

facts on bison:
they can run at 35 mph
turn at a 90 degree angle at 35 mph
and jump fences
if they live to the age of 3 years they will die from old age and they can live to 25 years old.
but no predators will attack them or even try !
who would of ever thought something this big could be so agile !


Julie said...

last time we were in Yellowstone, we didn't see many animals at all.

Kyle said...

Don't you laugh at he ignorant people are...wild animal..duh!

Terrie Sandelin said...

I love seeing your photos. It really makes me want to go -- right now! (Of course, the fact that the semester just started and getting the hell out of Dodge sounds like a good idea is also part of it).

Bonnie said...

I love Hayden valley. What a great bunch of photos.

Alica said...

I would LOVE to see Yellowstone sometime. Beautiful pictures, Eileen!
I'm glad you didn't witness a goring...I don't know why people have to do crazy things like get so close to those wild animals!!


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