Friday, August 17, 2012

it was windy and cold one day this week so i jumped in the truck and went to Rexburg and Rigby, Idaho fabric shopping  ;-)
Did not find much in the way of good fabric stores.

but i did find these wonderful receiving and burp pads for babies. 
i bought several as in at least 12 last time i was in salt lake city. i have not ever found these hemmed stitched items except in utah and now idaho.....{ must be a mormon women thing }.
anyways they are the best gifts. i crochet around the edges and whala, i have a beautiful baby gift.
my supply is zero at home so i picked up several packages of hem stitched blankets, burp pads and bibs.
also was given names of several women here in Rigby who do hem stitching.....
i left happy!

i finished this crochet bag just in time for the trip. inside is another crochet blanket i'm making.
i learned how to do bobbles making this bag !

every year i work on my rug. i need a big picnic table to work on this rug.

my puppies somehow got a hold of my "toothbrush" used to make this rug and had a good chew....;-(
thankfully it was still useable.
i keep myself busy with projects, walks and watching this....

eric fixing small problems with the trailer.
a spider set up house keeping in the pipe that heats the water.

their were two big spider webs behind these grates!
eric is wonderful to have around for this " fix it" stuff. i would not have a clue where to start.

and of course i keep my eye the scenery.
this river is the Madison, that is closed to fishing presently....
too hot !
makes the fish very stressed.

and i love watching all the young animals in the park.
these guys are fattening up for winter, which is only a couple weeks away.
Yellowstone has only three seasons- winter, july and august !

aren't they just the cutest !


Kyle said...

Continue to have a fun trip!

Angie said...

I LOVE that rug you're working on. :p Sounds like a wonderful way to spend vacation. :)


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