Sunday, August 5, 2012


we love food around here.
food that is locally grown,
some is so local 
it is right out of my backyard.
the best !

lets take a local trip around the plate.
corn bought at farmers market
steak is from a local rancher that we get all our beef 
tomatoes from the back porch { as in my back porch }
chives also from the back porch
potato and sour cream are the two things i bought at a grocery store

doggie corn sticks are from a good friend.

this meal was delish and neither of us could finish our plate......
so the left overs became monday's dinner..mmmmm!
oh how well we can eat from our local goods !


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Yummmmm! What time is dinner?

:) Carolyn

Angie said...

YUMMMY and girl, you know I HAVE to have a set of those wienie dog corn 'stickers'. They are just tooooo cute!! :D

Bonnie said...

Look at those beautiful tomatoes. All I have is sungold baby ones and a few green zebra. I'm still waiting for my large red ones. Your plate is just beautiful.

Julie said...

Looks delicious!


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