Sunday, September 2, 2012


my best of friend in my whole life is giving her daughter a baby shower.
i can hardly believe this little girl...... i was there her first day of her life.
oh she was so sweat
and now she is going to be a mommy !
how did that happen ??
{ not the baby thing }
i mean how did this little girl grow up so fast ?
where has the time gone?
you know all these kinds of how did that happen ?

well seeing she is so special to me and my family
i had to do SPECIAL things for her new little boy that is only weeks away from his debut.

so i made a sweet water baby quilt !

machine quilting 
straight simple lines

i love the simplicity of this quilt

and the colors are so soothing.
yes i think this will do nicely !

then i knitted a little sweater :)

with an alligator that wraps around 

i'm even blocking this sweater.
something i rarely do
{ i generally steam my knits }

had to throw in one more quilt shot...hehe.

is this alligator not CUTE ?

i hope this alligator is named by the person it will be worn by.

and this is a the tail.
the end of this post.


Kyle said...

How special to share these things you have made with a new little one.

Bonnie said...

What special gifts. One can see the "love" you put into them. The quilt is just adorable.

Rita said...

Did you cut your quilt pieces from what you had on hand or did you buy precut fabric. I'd like to make one like this. It is just right!

Eileen said...

Rita I sent you a reply but you are a " no reply" commenter. Please email me if and I will reply on how I made this quilt-----super easy !

Alica said...

You are so creative and talented...and I love the quilt and sweater!

Anna F. said...

Love the simpleness of this quilt. It seems just perfect for a little one. I am also wondering how you did the pattern, how did you get the randomness? Thank you for sharing.


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