Saturday, April 4, 2009

Snow, Hiking

Well guess what, it is snowing again in Colorado. Spring is most certainly here with storms that seem to be coming in every third day or so. The grass will be so green by the end of April. Since it is snowing today Mr.P and myself will stay busy in the house. Mr.P has the household bills to pay and the dreaded taxes that are due next week. He hates tax time and I can hardly blame him since I have no idea how to do taxes. Myself, I will work on my machine quilting. I have about half of a quilt done and am loving it. 

Last week end we "the sisters" went on a hike , more like a mud walk. It was fun and we all felt that we had accomplished a major feat. the boots in the back of the car had put on at 4lbs. each boot. not only did we get some exercise but we all came home with rosy checks and noses. Sun and snow in Colorado.

I started knitting a really cute CHICKEN from Blue Sky. I love how it is turning out, but everyone I show it to says" why are you knitting a chicken"? I say why not, she will look so cute on top of the frig. I may even knit her a companion!!

I wish I could figure out how to move these pictures around, like in the middle in-between paragraphs.  Caitlin if you have any advice please email it to me. Anyone any advice.

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