Sunday, April 19, 2009



  It is Bread Making Day..... I love to make bread,  for me it is empowering. When I grind the flour and make the "sponge" I feel alive!!  Is it because bread is a living food, bread is a food everyone has eaten in some form, sometime in their life. As you make the sponge you can see it coming alive, bubbling up, the smell of the yeast coming alive after having been frozen dormant in the freezer.  Just mix together yeast and freshly ground whole wheat with some warm water and watch the magic happen. It takes about 15 minutes for a good hearty sponge to form, first it looks like a huge mistake then you see the miracle  happening.  After the sponge forms , start adding freshly ground flour, still warm from the grinding process. As you add the flour the sponge encircles the loose grain and pulls and mixes in, eventually forming a smooth light brown ball that is slightly sticky and elastic.
Put your bread in pans let rise in a warm oven then the moment I love the most.... the first cut of fresh hot bread. If your bread is worth anything you will not even need butter. However if you have real butter put in on and enjoy!!!!! 

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