Sunday, January 4, 2009


Yesterday I put a 19lb bird in the oven at 1345. It was not done till 2015. to say the least Mr.P. and myself had a vegetarian meal of mashed potatoes, corn and bread stuffing. It was very tasty, even though a little frustrating, we could smell the turkey in the
oven. Maddie would of cooked faster than that dang bird. OK all whining done , today we ate some turkey and it was wonder!! very tender and moist, satisfying with the potatoes, bread stuffing, corn and that gravey !We will be having good eats te rest of the week.
Besides cooking all weekend I did work on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. I love sewing but this quilt is like the quilt that will not end. Thought I would run out brown fabric and would have to go get some more. The thought was more than I could bear, spend money, NO NO NO. I found some brown from a mistake that I made in cutting a different block and used it. Yeah for me!!!

3/300 no sugar
Spent $30 today, Kinko's,co-op
2.5 mile walk w/dog

I went to the co-op today to see if it is worth becoming a member again. Found that they have my favorite lotion that I can buy in bulk at a good price, about $7 less for 320z. I did buy some of this to refill my lotion jars, but did not become a member yet. $20/year for membership, need to think about this one.
Am also thinking of perhaps throwing in a NO TV day, one day a week. I can so zone out in front of a TV when I am really tired and bored.

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