Sunday, January 18, 2009

Things To Do

This has been a busy week with work and testing recipes for the house. i made laundry soap and love it, love it. Our socks, tee shirts and sheets are soo white and smell so good. I am never going back to the store bought stuff. The recipe is from Rhonda Jean at I also tried baking soda and apple cider for my hair and loved it. I did this because of an article in the UK about how their water has way to much chemicals in it from hair products, mainly soaps and conditioners. It is only a matter of time before it is a problem for us here in the States. Heck it could be a problem now we just have not been told yet.
The other thing I'm doing in my life is taking care of me. I am closely watching what I eat and looking up the nutrition values. Cooking meals at home from scratch, made 2 more loaves whole wheat bread. Then the biggie is I have been going to the gym and riding the ellpticlle for 30 min/day. At first it was very hard, but now I am beginning to enjoy it. I tell Mr.P that I am going out to get my" jello legs". My blood pressure has dropped very nicely from 150/102 to 120's/70's. Hopefully soon I can start reducing the BP meds.
Mr.P and I started the bathrooms yesterday. We scrapped out the old grout between the tiles, very dusty work. Today we will wear masks. Hopefully we can re-grout this afternoon.
The irish sweater I am knitting is coming along but very slowly and have only worked on the mystery quilt one hour this week.
Will try to post pictures later.

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