Thursday, January 22, 2009

Getting Things Done

Today is going to be a full day, bake a cake for tonight's quilt group, clean up the house, grind some wheat for bread, the furnace man is coming to check and change our filters, and of course hopefully get some sewing and knitting in.

I love meeting with my quilt group. Some evening's we are very informative with our knowledge and some evenings it is just pure silliness. I enjoy both!!! We are all so different too, their are the "overachievers" who seem to have something completed every meeting , the "I want to do it all" and have anew project every meeting, (but where is the finished projects), the quilters who come to meeting and never sew, never bring anything and then their are the "steady eddies" who start a project and the group watches as they go through each step till it is a completed project. This quilter is not ADD, and we all secretly admire her steadfastness, knowing we could never be that single minded. Oh well the good Lord gave us all different gifts, may we use them well.

My no "poo" experiment is going well. I have not used shampoo for 8 days now and the baking soda/apple cider seems to be doing a good job. My hair feels heavier and looks darker. My hair with shampoo was a white color now it seems an off white color. The part I really like is my off white hair is very manageable now, maybe a little natural oil is like using all those hair styling sprays.

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