Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friday Jan.2- 2009 was my first no spend day. it was harder than I thought, one because their were great sales in town and one at my favorite yarn store. Not that I need any yarn but I am a sucker for sales,hence how my house became so cluttered. But.... I did not leave the house except to walk with Mr.P and the dog. Also yesterday was d#2 without sugar. Am feeling a little better but still very tired at night and then having trouble sleeping.

yesterday was spent sewing on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt, I only completed the first set of blocks,lots and lots of cutting, pressing and sewing of small pieces. I do think that it will be beautiful when done.

Today a turkey will be cooked with all the trimmings aka: mashed potatoes, stuffing and corn. We will eat off of the bird for about 3 days then freeze what ever is left for another day, will also make 2 loaves of bread for the week.

It is starting to snow, we are expecting about 1-3 inches though the weather men in Colorado are hard to trust. I would never bet the farm on their predictions, I like to use Farmers. Almanac site.


1/108 no spend days

2/300 no sugar days

x2 loaves bread

Will post pictures of the bread later, it is in the oven at the moment.
Oh something else Mr.P and I are going to be doing: Redoing the bathrooms. I hope this will not ruin 30 years of marriage. We tend to do things very differently. He being a man that needs LOTS of information and me being a women who will figure it out as I go. Should be interesting. We are off to Home Depot to get new fixtures and paint, then it's let the fun begin!!!!


Lidee said...

Well, Hello! I just found your Blog off of a comment you left on Down to Earth. (I just LOVE that Blog!) I read your last few posts and thought "my gosh, she sounds like she is just about where I am!". I too have been reading a lot of simple living posts, trying to live greener, more simply, more frugally. I live in upstate NY, I'm a 45 year old wife, mother, schoolteacher who often feels like I got dropped into the wrong century! I would love to be at home, but finances (and health insurance)require me to be out in the working world. If you think we could help each other along this journey, I'm game!
Lisa Mia

ELP said...

Hello, nice to meet you. I am right there with you in feeling as if I was dropped in the wrong century. As the name of my blog suggests. I love doing things the old way, just wish I had more time.
Down-to-Earth is my favorite site, I read it everyday first then move on to Crunchy Chicken, she is funny.


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