Wednesday, August 29, 2018


This is a busy time for me, mainly because I decided to CAN this year. We have been canning tomato sauce, tomatoes soup, peaches, and other garden stuff.... With the littles here 3 days a week doesn't leave me a whole lot of time for kitchen detail (I get nothing done when littles are around.) I do get to knit a few rows when the kids are playing on back porch though.

My SIL celebrated his birthday with a wonderful picnic up on the river. Caitlin brought up a quilt for the ground, one that I made years ago and forgotten. I guess I have been making 'scrap' quilts for a very long time now and I still LOVE them! 
Betty sure knows how to enjoy chocolate birthday cake...ha!

Second Antarctic shawl more than halfway done. This is taking me awhile only because I'm allergic to this yarn -Suri Alpaca from Percussion Rock Alpaca Farm, (my sister's).  The yarn is sooo lovely and it saddens me that I cannot use it all the time. Good news though, soon this yarn will be sold in Colorado as well as Wisconsin! 

Fall is almost here with Labor Day straight ahead on the calendar. Oh sweet cool fall, how I am looking forward to you!!!!!!!!! 


Ellie HS said...

It's a beautiful shawl. I was planing like to use mesh stitch to knit summer sweater and never got around to it ... Now, I am going to start my winter sweater.

karen said...

did you like canning? I've never done it. I love the photo of the biggest bite in the smallest mouth photo :) and lopsided pig tails :)


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