Wednesday, August 1, 2018


My sweet boy, whom is teething, drooling (all the time) and is loosing more snot from that noggin of his...but, I love him so!

Comes by this activity honestly, (her Poppa was a drummer for a band traveling the country and parts of the world). She is good too! 

Knitting:Ella Funt for my little man, wish I could say I am enjoying this knit, but sadly I'm not. It is most likely the yarn I chose.
I loved Moosewood Cookbooks in 'the old days'---(late 70's early80's) , saw this at the library and had to pick it up. I have spied several recipes that I'm going to try before summer is over.

On my walk yesterday morning.

Making mud cupcakes and holding a worm on a lettuce leaf.

That cat is the bane of my dogs existence! It's not ours but comes over and drives the dogs 'to drink' and me wanting to something unkind to it, (no, I would never hurt an animal, owner...maybe). That cat digs, poops and sprays in my garden and teases the dogs daily. I have found it in my house, in my car and under the car, ( thankfully before I backed over it). She belongs to a neighbor whom we like, but cats should not be allowed to roam and cause so much confusion and frustration. If I allowed my dogs to roam like some cats I would be given tickets and picking up the dogs from 'doggy jail'! 
Enough said about that! 

Hope you all are having a lovely week. Join me and lots of other knitters over at Ginny's and Yarn Along

I must confess, I was stunned this morning when I saw it was Yarn Along Wednesday again. What happened to July? And how can it be August all ready? 


steph said...

such sweet pictures but that jammie one with the mudpies is PRICELESS!!!! Enjoy!

karen said...

I'm sorry a cat is in your yard, I agree that they should not be loose. Thankfully I do not have that problem, just a big old bear breaking a fence!! The kids are cute !!


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