Monday, August 20, 2018


 It's a busy time this end of summer garden thing. My garden didn't do as well as I had hoped, the tomatoes-sad, beans OK, basil-good, kale-great, lettuce-great, cabbage-very poor, beet and carrots_?,potatoes-horrible. Even with the less than expected harvest, I am putting up a lot for winter use. Pesto, freezing kale and beans, bought 4 cases of peaches and today bought a HUGE box of Roma tomatoes to roast from Native Hill Farms. Love it! 
This morning I am trying another sandwich bread recipe. I have yet to find one that we all like, (cuts well for sandwiches and toast, all suggestions welcomed). I am so tired of buying bread that is ungodly expensive and all packaged in plastic, not to mention ingredients I can neither pronounce or ever heard of. Oh, how I hate plastic packaging and am on the forever quest to use as little as possible. 
My freezers are full all ready, so am roasting a chicken from early winter that is the size of a turkey this morning as well, (this will free up a little freezer space). Will cut off all the meat for later meals and use the bones for the most amazing stock! 
I know I can go buy all this, but I love knowing how to do it's empowering to me. I love supporting local farms, keeping my dollars here and away from big food companies. Heck, with the trade war that T.....has started, prices are rising fast! Knowing how to make things from scratch gives me a sense of security, and my 'made from scratch' tastes a whole lot better than store bought. Tomato sauce made from tomatoes that taste like a real tomato....amazing! 

The Tumbler block quilt is pieced, needing borders yet. I sure love my Go Machine! 

Happy Monday and the start of another great week!


karen said...

I haven't made homemade bread in ages, it makes the house smell so good! I loved seeing what you are making and doing, makes me want to do kitchen things (after knitting of course!).

steph said...

so with you on the homemade front.....everything tastes better from scratch. I can hardly eat a box can almost taste the additives!!!!

Our favorite bread is a challah bread I've been making for years. Not the very very best for sandwiches....but we usually eat the whole loaf as soon as it comes out of the oven, so who cares?


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