Sunday, August 5, 2018


Eric and I headed out for an evening walk and I grabbed  the big camera. Oh, how I would love to really understand photography. Reading, and re-reading two of my photography books,
perhaps the info will really click for me this go around. 

The end of summer is in sight and my favorite season directly in front me-FALL. 
Fall here in Colorado will continue to be hot( anything 80 or above is HOT) during most of September and October, but the evenings are dreamy! Cool, beautiful evening skies and magnificient sleeping weather. But first, August... 

It's peach season here in Colorado and we will be going to all the orchards to get as much as I can put up. So exciting...squirreling food away for winter!

I continue to knit slowly on Gus's Ella Funt sweater. My knitting mojo seems to rearing it's lazy head. I'm saying it's the summer, hard to handle wool when its HOT.
Back to my sweater, Gus will need in the fall.

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karen said...

there is nothing like a big camera for a walk about :) However when I'm on vacation I tend to leave it behind because of the weight so I opt for the phone. Once or twice I will take the big one out and about. lovely photos of the kids who are growing!!


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