Monday, August 13, 2018


Driving through Summit County brought back some fond memories of ski trips with my kids. I loved that age when they could ski the 'big' mountains , (and carry their own skies). We had soo many good times up on these mountains. Nothing like a long chair lift ride to have teenagers as captive audiences, I learned a lot what they were thinking and how they were doing. So worth the ski lift prices!

I can feel Fall in the air...YEAH! It has been a different weather wise summer here on the Front Range, either blistering hot 90-100 or wet with overacted skies. Not so on the West side of the Rockies in Colorado. We took a fast trip to the Western Slope! I have always wanted to head over to Palisade Co. for peach season, and this year we had the time so off we went pulling our trailer over passes and through canyons. The road grades were steep to climb and scary to roll down, always in low gears. But we made it, (both ways). Palisade was HOTTER than Hades, and the locales said it has cooled off! Had been in the 110's for several weeks in July.  I can't do heat over 90 for any length of time, air conditioning or not. 
And I might add that the 'mighty Colorado River' is not looking so mighty. The river was too warm to fish, not to mention too low. The Western Slope had a dry winter and a dryer spring/summer,  add on to that, fires!  {People, the environment is changing and not for the better. 
Earth is warming up!}

 We visited several orchards and bought  cases of peaches, bottled wine, and pie cherries.
The fruit orchards are beautiful and smell like heaven, the fruit trees and grape vines are planted right up to the front doors of homes. Being that the valley was soo hot we left a day early, having done everything we came over to do. Really, the big draw to this valley is visiting all the winery's for tasting the end product of grapes. We are not wine drinkers, only went to one winery to pick up some gifts and we were done. (90 degrees never felt so good as when we returned to the Front Range. No place like home). 

I did get a lot of knitting done on this short trip.

I'm so pleased with this shawl that I have casted on another using alpaca yarn from my sister's farm.

Two cases of peaches canned and two more to go!

A peach upside down cake, yummy!

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steph said...

What a great trip....those peaches!! yum yum.....and the shawl is lovely! I've made that pattern a couple times....and enjoyed it every time I've made it.


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