Thursday, April 6, 2017

6 APRIL 2017

Life  many days, (most days) is a combination of the truly wonderful side of being alive and the bitter side of 'when will I learn' and 'why did I do that?'  Of course the lesson here is to learn from the 'why did I do that' and build up on the 'truly wonderful side of being alive'. To be grateful for the small miracles that happen each day, even the ones that take a little searching to find. Often, I can find many miracles daily with a little 'reframing' of my mind/thinking. I find myself having to reframe a lot of my thinking, (particularly since November of 16). I find myself mentally aware of my breathing and to slow it down, funny how slowing down my breathing-slows down my run away thoughts and my tongue. 
Yesterday, was one of such days. So many things that happened yesterday made for a perfect day, then-then one cruel spontaneous angry word fell from my mouth.... Why does something that lasted less than 10 seconds play such a big part in a day that was 24 hours long? Today, I will again build on the positive, watch for daily miracles, be grateful, while acknowledging the positive in my day and breathing before letting any negative words pass these lips. 


:: Baby B
        :: French Toast
                         :: Walks through the park
                     :: Sewing quilt for BB
                                      :: Using scrap fabric for BB quilt
  :: Reading
:: Family
                                ::  3 minute mediation breaks

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steph said...

words to live by....literally!!!


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