Friday, April 28, 2017

28 APRIL 2017

This little girl turned 1 this past week...what? One -already? B is such an easy, happy child, a joy to be around. On her Birthday she got 3 shots, 12 month well check-I know poor thing. At the house though she has a new Y bike, ball drop game and finger paints! This morning I did sew a 'wild dress' for her, it just fits now ;-[ , maybe for a month. B's birthday party will be held over the weekend with  a dinner of ham and potatoes, pie [ blueberry] and the grown ups getting excited while she looks at us with very quizzical eyes; 'what is wrong with you people?' Oh, to be a one year old. 

It is snowing today! Spring here in the Rockies is always a roller coaster ride, one day 80 degrees, the following week-snow. We are expecting snow for the next 36 hours, I do hope we get several inches. Though, I do not want the tree branches breaking since most all the trees have leaved out this past week. Always a yin/yang scenario with these Colorado springs. 

Wishing a calm, joyful weekend to all.

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