Tuesday, April 4, 2017

4 APRIL 2017

Woke up this morning to some very wet snow! For some reason I was really surprised and happy about the moisture. I know parts of the country is getting walloped this spring with snow and as I see pictures on Instagram I am jealous. How we need snow here, just two big spring storms will make such a difference this summer with fire danger and farming/ranching here on the Front Range. 

I have been busy sewing and knitting-and of course playing with my little sunshine BB.
Yesterday, I got a new sewing chair and mat to roll around on in my sewing room. Oh, why have I waited so long to do this, my back feels so much better! No longer will I fall to a lower level on a chair that has no pneummanic pressure, no  longer will I have to move the chair with broken wheels on carpeting. I know, I have been dealing with these issues for years...and why? Truth be told, I am practical, too practical-insist on using things till they literally fall apart. I am married to such a man as well, Eric took the old chair for his fly tying table...LOL. 

I am going to get ready for my day with BB and perhaps get outside on this chilling spring day!

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