Monday, April 24, 2017

24 April 2017

 So much has been going on here at Little House. We are replacing all the pipes in the house, having the dreaded 'blue pipes'. Oh yes, and they are good for only about 20-30 years, we built this house 28+years ago!, [these 'blue /grey pipes' are out lawed now].  And I have so much yarn and fabric to loose if these pipes go on us. So not only is the outside of the house torn up, the inside is as well.

 The back yard, Eric is tearing apart, replacing rotting railroad ties and then resetting all the brick steps. It's a big job for a man of Eric's age, [ our joints do not work as well as 10 years ago]. After all of this gets done , we will be able to start bringing in some new top soil and plant our vegetable garden.

In my knitting world, well it has been sad! I finished the Wallaby sweater for baby B , knitted up a size two to get wear during the fall as well, added half inch for the length and it just barely fits her.  Yes, my gauge is correct, I checked several times;-[.  
I also had to frogg the front of another sweater/poncho, my counts were off. This is the third rip and restart for this pattern. Either I am getting too old to knit or am not paying attention at all!!
I did sit out on the back porch and knit all day on Thursday while Eric worked. It was warm enough without being hot at all, sitting in the sun soaking up all that Vitamin A&D. There is something lovely about knitting outside, listing to the wind and the birds. 

BB, with her morning hair-I just love it and have to get as many pictures as I can! 
Her daddy found the great vintage dress for her to wear on Easter!

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steph said...

OH! MY!! I love that hair!!!!!!! You are so right....enjoy it now!!!! (She won't later!!!) And that pipe thing....we had a similar issue when we did some renovation....NOT FUN!!! Hang in there.


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