Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Knitting and walking, not done at the same time. Oh, I have knitted while walking, but the knitting needs to be mindless, Arne & Carlos patterns are anything but mindless. I finished the hat and it turned out BIG and the pattern has errors. You can read about the hat here.
The Christmas Card sweater has been a challenge too, it's the charts again.
I emailed Arne & Carlos regarding my concerns, they live in Norway.
I was so frustrated with this pattern and ready to frog the entire project. So I decided to walk!
I walked 3 miles over to my favorite MSK and talked with an amazing knitter who ran the numbers, did more math, read and re-read the directions and could not figure out the charts.
Gathering my knitting I walked again, coming up with one last resource before frogging the project. Enter Jeffrey at Wall Of Yarn in Freeport, Il. Stopping in at a bar, ordered a beer and called Jeffrey.
Jeffrey was wonderful-spending 30 minutes on the phone with me...he and I walked through the 
entire pattern and the charts, just when we were considering failure Jeffrey said:" Oh wait, the Norwegian thing". The back needs to be a "mirror image of the front".
Me: "shouldn't the chart do that for me, I'm knitting in the round as the directions say"?
"Plus, where are my steeking stitches"?
Jeffrey: Knit across the front 85 stitches, turn to back and start at beginning of chart again. Forget those "other" stitches on the chart. And waalaa, there are 2 steeking stitches on each side and the pattern/chart works".
The sleeves Jeffrey walked me through, { I would never have figured these out}. Jeffrey did the math and said it should work, I'm trusting Jeffrey. 
When I returned home, I had an email from a women in Vermont whom Arne & Carlos asked to contact me. She had the chart corrections for the hat, but her corrections were wrong. I emailed her back with the correct-rows to be corrected for the hat and poured out my frustrations regarding the sweater. I am sure I will hear from her again today.
My Christmas Card sweater is taking a village to knit. I am excited to learn new things and hope to finish this sweater soon, very soon.
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karen said...

sounds like an interesting and complicated knit! I like when I have to think, but not too much thinking ;) Your snowy photos are delightful, we have nothing!


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