Wednesday, January 4, 2017


A New Year is upon us and hopefully one we are all looking forward too, I know I am. We had a very quiet Holidays, with a couple of kids living out of town doing their own exciting things.  Our daughter here in town forging her new life with beautiful B. and partner, we had to share her these holiday days with new extended family. Our Holidays here at Little House was joyful yet very quiet. Changes take a bit to settle into, don't they? By Jan.2, I was wondering out loud 'doesn't anyone have to go to school or work anymore'?  A privileged thought for us retires, ahem.
The sweater I had been working on for MSK I had to declare defeat ! This knit was giving me a headache and stressing me to the point I was loosing sleep. Knitting is to calming-ZEN. So after wrestling with defeat I made the choice to frog it. I can now get on with completing some UFO's and have [of course] put a few more knits on my list for 2017. Ahh, new beginnings! One knit that I am excited about is the KAL at Fancy Tiger. I'm using Brown Sheep Eco Yarn for this project and love the Aran style without having to do cables...a win win!
I have few goals for 2017, because, honestly -I rarely carrying them all through to the end. But I have been working hard with Eric to make  the majority of our meals from scratch and most importantly to reduce are food wastage. It's amazing and sad-how much food is wasted, even by us who are keyed into this American way of life-waste. 
Happy New Year, I hope  2017 brings you contentment and joy!

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karen said...

I love your new year's goals and I want to do more of cooking from scratch, I mainly do but I could improve...right? Happy New Year!


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