Monday, December 5, 2016


Waiting, with much anticipation, for the first snow {measurable snow}of the season. I love a good snow storm and better yet, one that I do not need to make my way to work. This morning I spent cleaning the upstairs, tiding the downstairs and cooking a roast with all the trimming and a pumpkin pie straight from the hubbard pumpkin-so when the snow starts to fly, I will be tucked in and watching the magic happen. I have also casted on a new hat, color knitting using YOTH worsted weight yarn. I am riding on the shirt tails of Soulemama with this hat...thanks Amanda!

I was up in the foothills today (before the storm blows in), went to Eden Farm for some spices and sea salt, it was rather empty of people. Once inside the only soul there said "so and so went to town to get some shopping done before the storm hit", funny, I drove up there to get some things before the storm hit. Love this little community store run by the Seventh Adventist, nothing fancy, in fact real un-fancy as you can see by the door to the shop;-} Once in the valley I could see the storm building up over the mountains and that wind-ououeee-it was cold. Tonights temps will be in the low single digits. Get those knits out ladies and gents! My husband just informed me -11 tonight....more quilts on the bed;-). And the wind, hang on, it's blowing out there now at 49 mhr. (I think that is the end of my weather report).

Last week I spent making chicken broth, chicken and rice soup, bread and cut out cookies{for my youngest girl now living out of state}. Well of course it didn't take me all week, but I do move at a rather slow pace now, I have no need to rush. The rest of the week was spent knitting and quilting on my mammoth size quilt, what was I thinking?

My baby GD loves bacon, { much to her dismay she had it taken away from her, soon BB, soon, you will be eating bacon}. I completed her pink hat for the Women's March in DC and we tested out walking on a cold, cold day, [she loved it, until we had to turn into the wind].
Hope you all are tucked in for what ever weather is heading your way...gotta go. update weather report on radio.

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