Friday, December 16, 2016


It's been cold and grey, that steel grey cold around here! And, we are expecting really cold air tonight and to continue through the weekend with some snow. Cold air that has the name of "polar vortex".
Ok, the cold air coming my way is in no way close to the cold air in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois, but still very cold for the front range. What to do when it gets too cold, why make bone broth, chicken/turkey to be precise. Oh, this stuff warms not only body but soul and is the deal breaker in so many soups and stews, the perfect dishes for cold days/nights. 

Eric and I went out yesterday and completed the last of the Christmas shopping...yeah. We had a lovely dinner, planned our attack and were done within two and half hours. The gift buying side of Christmas is done but not the decorating of the house. We will put up a small, really small tree in the dry sink. Putting decorations up for the Christmas season goes fast but taking them down, oh good heavens what a chore.

While out shopping -saw this adorable buggy for a toddler { guess who}? Well my son is amazing with wood and saws, so am thinking to send this picture to him and see if he can make this for{guess who again}. That wee buggy just makes me smile!

Keep warm and carry on through this busy season! Only one more week before it all turns back to normal;-}

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