Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I knitted the hat Dobbellue, a pattern by Arne and Carlos, I even used the same colors that they had chosen and I must say: the pattern was awful! The 2 color pattern in the book is wrong on 2 lines and the lining is WAY too small if the outside is knitted as instructed and finally the pattern states it's a medium, but it is large, large and large,( yes my gauge was right on for stitches and rows, that was a first too). Having stated the worse, I must admit I love the hat. My people have LARGE heads and I was worried the medium sizing would be way too small. The yarn knits into a beautiful fabric and the colors are, well, just happy colors for winter. Oh, and the hat is soo warm, something my daughter will enjoy in Minnesota where the temps are going down to -30 degrees. How I remember that cold when I was in college up at ST. Norbert's in the Greenbay area. Now that was a life time ago!

I'm reading Farmer Boy, I have read this book so many times and I never tire of it. The discriptions
of the food...yum-and that farm! But the best is reading about his mother spinning and weaving all their clothing yardage, WOW!

Baby B likes to sit with me and machine quilt! How great is that? - start them early, we do around here.

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Juliann said...

Those colors are beautiful. I have another hat pattern that I might knit up is that same pallet. And yes to reading to our wee ones!

Laura Smith said...

Great looking hat! So frustrating when a pattern has errors. At least you ended up with a wonderful item. I must try one of those lined hats. All mine end up not being warm enough!

Emily S. said...

Love Farmer Boy! I like to read The Long Winter around January because it always reminds me my Michigan winter could be worse ;)

Laura Gesin said...

That hat is gorgeous no matter the issues! Also, I haven't read Farmer Boy in so many years - you've inspired me to pick it up again.

Deborahnhamilton said...

Your hat is beautiful, and I love that book. It's my favorite of the Little House series.

Caffeine Girl said...

I am very disappointed in Arne and Carlos! But I'm glad the hat works for your family! It is very, very cute.
Farmer Boy is the one book in the series I never read, but you make it sound interesting!

life in this 1880 farmhouse said...

Very pretty hat and adorablebaby. Love reading Farmer Boy, many lessons learned in this book.


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