Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I was a little bored this past weekend, sooooo…..I casted on for Baby Vertebrae, in Quince fingering RED. Easy knit and great pattern! not sure I understand the purpose of this design since babies are not be put on their abdomen, but it is so very popular on Ravelry I decided to go for it.
It’s been back to work this week so not getting that much knitting done during the week
I am reading a fairly interesting book.
by Louise Penny.
It’s a mystery up in Canada, with a big European slant.
They have such “nice murders”, everyone is so polite and helpful-including the murderer.

Join me for


Donna said...

It's a great pattern. I knit one for myself but ended up frogging it - it wasn't flattering on me. For a baby I think it's real cute though.

Caffeine Girl said...

That is a funny little pattern, but it must be useful since so many people have knit it.
I've heard good things about Louise Penney books, but haven't tried one yet.

Alina said...

Such a beautiful color!

kathy b said...

Well it is going to be a lovely sweater for a baby. Just something to keep the little arms and back warm

Lucy Bowen said...

I think it is a brilliant idea for less washing!! Yours is going to be beautiful.

Kim said...

I knit a Baby Vertebrae for my daughter's 3rd little girl and Mommy loved it! Babies might not be sleeping on their tummies, but they are supposed to have tummy time on the floor for development purposes. Thanks for visiting my blog-I am glad you did because now I have found yours! I hope to see your churchmouse poncho soon. What color are you doing yours?
Happy New Year....

Lucy said...

Happy New Year Eileen.

Michelle said...

Tummy time is very important for babies - when they're awake! Also it is good for babies to have skin-to-skin time with their mama, so an open cardigan facilitates this while keeping their back warm on chillier days.

I love that bright red!

Elizabeth said...

Ah, the debate over tummy time! These things run and run! I didn't put my babies down so it wasn't in the equation! Your cardi looks great anyway, such a festive red!

Lynda said...

That book might be worth reading! Have reserved it from my library!! xx


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