Wednesday, December 23, 2015



Greeting on the EVE of the EVE of Christmas Day.
Wishing all a peaceful, content day and season.
I wish I could say I have been in the holiday mood, but it hasn’t happened for me yet. We don’t even have a tree up and…nope we aren’t putting one up this year. Any decorations that are displayed are there because-well….they were not put away from last year! yes, the wheels have come off the holiday external display of Christmas Spirit. I blame it on that the “Christmas Story” is not playing everyday-all day!

I did however do some gift knitting last Sunday, 
Using bulky yarn-WOW are these fast knits!

Enjoy your Holidays.
I know we will, I have dinner for 12-14 to pull together and is not Christmas really about spending time with family and friends! Oh, and lots of great food! Now that I have covered.

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Caffeine Girl said...

Holidays are about the people and not the decorations!
I've always felt that being Jewish is nice in that I never had to learn how to do that whole tree thing -- it looks hard! Besides, I know I'd be tempted to spend lots of money on ornaments, etc.
So I say, enjoy family, friends and food!

Jeanettebr said...

your dinner with family sounds divine and perfect....decorations or not! Merry Christmas to you and yours

Lucy Bowen said...

Family and food are indeed the most important and you have that covered!

Lindsay said...

Pretty cowls! I knit up a cowl using super-bulky yarn and size 13 needles a few months ago and I could not believe how fast it worked up! Talk about instant gratification!

Tania said...

Hey! You got your tree up - hope you are feeling a bit more festive! Love the variegated yarn. So pretty.


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