Sunday, December 27, 2015


I’m sending this man a Christmas Card…that is all he asked for, for the amazing Christmas display he puts up every year! 

This morning on the way to MOM [pies and coffee] for some Chai and knitting with Jill. We meet here on Sunday mornings….gets my week off to a good start.

I picked up a 2016 planner, something I never do…plan I mean!
I thought why not try to loosely put down some reminders that I would like to work on during 2016. 
Are you a New Year resolution type person, plan out your year?
Would love to hear ideas and thoughts on your plans for the following year. 
I’m going to be sharing mine!


karen said...

merry Christmas! I am a planner through and through and I have many notebooks to keep me happy planning and listing my life.

Angie said...

Merry Christmas, Eileen, to you and yours, as well as those adorable fur babies. Lovely lovely snow. Would love to know what cowl pattern you used. 😊 Sending wishes for a wonderful new year full of everything that makes your heart dance with joy. I have declared and resolved that 2016 is my year for spending lots of time with fabric and thread and yarn! 😀

Kyle said...

I'm a planner with lists, but not specifically slotted into calendar pages. The moon was pretty this morning.

Lucy said...

I'm not a planner. I try to tak my life by the day. Except the things I have to do like work etc......


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