Wednesday, October 7, 2015


October, a month I love because all of FALL beauty peaks! The leaves are falling and soon I can walk through their crunching goodness under foot. The garden is winding down, I’m shocked I still have produce out there on vines! Colorado generally would of had a freeze at night by now. This past summer growing season certainly was different. 
Today has been thick low hanging clouds all day keeping temps in the 50’s and I love it. 
1500 yards of worsted weight yarn has been dyed. It turned out rather bright yellow ;-/
Not what I was hoping for but I will find a use for this “sunshine” color.
Working on several knitting projects, ( I am not a monogamous knitter). I like to have at least 3 projects
going, one has to be fairly mindless to travel to work and waiting in lines sort of thing.
The sweater I am working on
Daelyn Pullover
Interesting pattern. I have to stop knitting in dark browns and black…I can’t see the stitches unless it is noon time. Aging, oh dear;-\
Yesterday I went for a 3 mile hike and I am happy to report I am complaining about being COLD again.    And yes, people notice when I say "I’m cold”. I haven’t used this discription for the past 10-12 years-It feels good to wrap up in knitted scarfs and sweaters with wool socks on.
I really need to walk daily, walking for me is equavalant to meditating. It clears my head, tires me out so I will have the hope/ prospect of  6-7 straight hours of good sleep and of course just good for my aging body.
I bought some amazing naturally dyed yarn from Ginny last week. It arrived Monday and I LOVE IT.
More on that next week.
I’m late again and need to get down the road.

It’s Wednesday which means Yarn Along


Lisa said...

We are finishing up our garden harvest here in the Pacific NW and looking forward to wrapping up in warm knits as soon as it cools down. This morning I have the windows open and am listening to rain which we so need in our part of the country. :)

Donna said...

Our first frost should happen this month or perhaps November. Last night it was 47 degrees so I know we are getting close to it. Weather here in New England is a bit unpredictable. I am not a fan of yellow yarn myself. But I love to use it for gifting!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Eileen! Both of your projects look great! I know what you mean about the nice days we've been having! Gorgeous!
I have three projects of the needles, too.

Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean about the colours, because I knit in the dark! I sit in bed surrounded by my sweet sleeping children (they wake up if I get up at the moment. These things pass.) wearing a head torch! I highly recommend you get one, it makes looking at those dark stitches so much easier!

karen said...

I love love love being cold and complaining about it!! Love your cowl and as you know I'm knitting the same sweater :) I do love it overall however, knitting for the holidays has preempted the sweater..

Heather said...

I think fall is my favorite season, it used to be summer because they are so short here in Maine - and because of all the fresh summer veggies, but fall and sweaters and winter squash and pumpkins all make me happy :-)

Caroline said...

Your pullover looks soft and cozy! I like brown, but agree - it requires good lighting!


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