Friday, September 25, 2015


It has been a very satisfying day. I continue to tidy up i.e.: get rid of stuff,  picking one closet,  a room, a theme at a time and dive down deep into the “ OMG I can’t believe I have saved this” to “ I have way too much stuff”!
Today 130 books were boxed, 120 VHS’s were boxed and moved out of the house. I realize I am still on the peak of the clutter iceberg but one has to start somewhere and the best place for me is where I am at today!
I also mordant 750 gms of yarn that will be dyed next week. I find it soothing  to wash, mordant and dye yarn. This is surprising to me since their is so many steps to naturally dying yarn. Perhaps it is soothing because I understand I can not skip steps and it is a long process!
Fall is in the air, I hear it when the wind breezes through the trees. That rustling of drying leaves…be still my heart. Hard to believe it is the end of September and more days than I care to mention are still close to 90 degrees.
The kitchen scale that I picked up years ago in a flea market is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. It measure in grams and I use it all the time. Measuring out mordant (alum) from to measuring ingredients for soap making. I have another “modern” digital scale with measurements in ounces for baking, but it has no character like my  old whitey does!
Have a great weekend!


Chrisknits b said...

what a lovely scale. Would love to have one like that. Can't wait to see the yarn dyed!

Linda said...

I LOVE that scale!! I would adore having one like it! I did finally get a kitchen scale this year - for weighing yarn before certain projects. Best investment!
I want to learn how to dye yarn! One of these days....

Linda in VA


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