Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I have spent the last 2 weeks in Yellowstone National Park. What did I do there for 2 whole weeks? Well, mainly knit and watch bison! Oh, I took a the customary walks, and a few drives to have a look see at wolves and grizzlies, didn’t see any grizzlies, but was told the dog looking creature running for the trees was a wolf. Not totally sure I believe the people telling me that animal was a wolf because I have been told several times by people “ look at that beautiful moose”, I look and can only see Elk in front of me. These are the Yellowstone tourist that think a great Christmas card would be to put their toddler on a breathing bison and everyone get nice and cozy for a family selfie. Yes, someone usually gets gored by a bison that didn’t see this as cute. Yellowstone had nine gorings' this summer due to these “let’s get a picture with the bison”.
This all brings me to my bison story…. 
I went above the Madison River to sit, knit and maybe see some bison move into this beautiful open space. Sure enough, Mr. Bison did not disappoint. I spent over an hour watching this bison and knitting away on a baby sweater, only to realize he was crossing the river and going to walk directly below me. I was in a very safe place to continue my knit-pearl rows. Every few minutes I would shoot a photo of Mr.Bison, all the while sitting on my bench knitting, when all of a sudden the Bison turned and started heading up the hill. I jumped up with my camera and moved into the trees to take more pictures keeping a BIG distance between him and me. It suddenly dawn on me I left my knitting on the bench and that is where Mr.Bison was going……ugh! Without thinking- I ran back to the bench, grabbed the knitting, all being WAY TO CLOSE to this Bison. I could of been the 10th goring of 2015 season at Yellowstone!
And not for a Christmas picture, but for a baby sweater that is not even for anybody, I just liked the pattern!
Since I am posting this, you all know, all turned out well. I got some pictures and saved my knitting!
But an after thought for me...why did I even think the bison would give my knitting a second look?
I have never heard of a bison grabbing anything and running with it like a dog, wolf or grizzly might for curosity sake.
I guess this knitter was not using her noggin.

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Happy Wednesday to all!


Donna said...

Knitting and watching nature is a perfect combination. We had bison up the street from us but sadly they sold off the property to a developer. I love your sweater!

Kyle said...

Great story. It's a wonder that few tourists get hurt. They leave their brains at the gate.

Caroline said...

I would have rescued that knitting from the bison as well!! Great pictures!

Lucy Bowen said...

Good on you for rescuing the knitting and escaping the goring. The families attacked by the bison probably blamed the bison as well not their stupidity.

karen said...

how exciting to see bison and in a famous park!! That is a place I'd love to see one day. Glad your knitting is safe and sound :)

Kristin said...

I don't think I realized just how big bison are! That guy looks massive. :) Good thing you saved your knitting!

Karen Sue said...

I'd have saved the sweater if I was brave enough. What a great bison story!


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