Friday, September 18, 2015


Today I didn’t watch the clock and it seamed as if I had more time in the day. Started to purge my closet this morning. Three big boxes filled-packed and off to Goodwill! I’m tired of taking care of all my stuff, I can’t seam to concentrate and complete projects, but worse of all, I feel less creative. This is going to be a slow process, nothing that will be completed in a week or two. Though if I keep at it, a little every day, even if it is only one thing….oh my, how that could free up my house and mind. 
Of course I need to keep things from coming into the house as well. 
I love a challenge!
My fiber and material stash will be approached after much more needed practiced and courage!

Fall is here, this morning the wind came out of the north! How exciting! I’m a cool/cold weather person. Surprise,surprise, I’m a knitter! Can’t wear wool in the summer, at least I can’t. 
The adult hat is alpaca from Salida,Colorado. It was a fun easy quick knit, but the yarn had a bit of vegetation and I was doing a lot of picking.
The baby hat was a unique knit, a European pattern. I had to read and re-read the instructions and then the light went on….easy peasy!

My week-end will be spent in the garden, and going through at least  3 cabinets to purge and organize. If I am really full of energy I may hit another closet.


chrisknits said...

I keep trying to tell myself to pitch things in my closet, but then I think, it's still good, it still fits, I should hang on to it. Maybe I do need to rethink this. Cute hats.

Amanda said...

I have that same purging spirit but no energy to do it. I am overwhelmed. We have just moved and I feel so burden by the stuff, that we didn't purge more when we moved, but now I know I need to make some changes. Good luck with your chores!


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