Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Sisters’ Weekend was spent in Wyoming, Wisconsin, Iowa County. This one building town has a wee i complex with it’s name, but she makes up for her insecurity in her beauty. WOW, did we have a great time exploring several small towns, driving the really hilly countryside. All the trees, where did they come from? And the farms, so beautiful with their big red barns! We walked the roads, then climbed the hills, on the weekend we had to stay on MM's 1/4 mile drive with it’s steep hill due to hunting and all the gun fire. Ate the best hamburger in a corner bar. Do not ask it to be cooked any special way or you are showed the sign, “this is not Burger King! Your burger gets cooked how it gets cooked, no complaints or there is the door”. I guess you can say this to your customers when your burger was that good and smothered in Wisconsin cheese!
Visited 2 yarn stores where I like to buy yarn that is local. I am getting a bit of a collection of local yarn this year. The best was the Quilt Store that MM saved for last that first day, ( I went back for a second time 2 days later). Country Sampler in Spring Green, Wisc. was amazing. Truly, I have not been in a quilt store that  has amazed me in over ten years! Country Sampler is all reproduction fabrics and cross stitch samplers. The store is filled with amazing antiques and finished quilts! The thing that sent me over the top was fabric I had never seen before from companies I have never heard of. I bought yardage, a lot, like I had trouble getting everything in the suitcase. I was ready to leave my clothes in Wisconsin and travel home with fabric, yarn and  beeswax candles.
The candles were purchased at the farm where MM boards her Alpaca. That little guy is Larry, he is going to have a lot of work with the ladies when he gets older ;-)
I will have to have another post for this this trip.
It was so much fun and so much more to tell.

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Kyle said...

Looks like a very fun trip. Country Sampler is on my list. Glad you got to go.

Knitting Snowflakes said...

What a gorgeous place! Really lovely, you've made me jealous ehehe!
I love that green yarn! I don't think green looks good on me because of my complexion but I still love to look at it! THanks for sharing!
Have a great day!

karen said...

what fun!!! I haven't been to those areas but you make them look like so much fun. Lovely yarn on the needles :)


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