Friday, October 16, 2015


Ah Friday how I welcome you each week, how I needed you this week.
It has been a week of little sleep since returning from Wisconsin, not sure of the why-too much on my mind, higher altitude or just me! But today, Friday, I thought I would sleep in till 6ish-this was not to be, at 0430 I am up starting laundry. So many things in my head to accomplish today knowing I may only get through a fourth of my list (if I’m lucky). Going into work this morning for a couple of hours to catch up puts a kink in the day too.
On the Friday list:
3 hours work
Lunch with a friend
Repotting houseplants
Little housework

The sewing is what I am most interested in! Finishing a dress for my daughter, only the sleeves are left, then…
Playing with some amazing fabric I picked up in Wisconsin! I have been dreaming of all my options using these fabrics, (perhaps this is the reason for my lack of sleep). 
Though the number one activity I want to spend time doing today is enjoying the amazing autumn we are experiencing here in Northern Colorado. Soon the blazing colors will be gone with the sounds and smells of fall, now is the time to be in the present moment of Falls Beauty. As I get older my wants are changing, no longer do I enjoy bringing things into my house but rather the enjoying what I have. The day-to-day gifts that are given to me-such as the fall colors!


karen said...

beautiful post and I hope you get the sleep that you crave :)

Kyle said...

The colors of autumn are definitely my favorites too. That is one of the biggest sunflowers I've ever seen. Enjoy the season.

Linda said...

I love all the colors of autumn also. We are starting to see some of the trees come out in their glory! Your sunflower - LOVE IT!

Linda in VA


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