Tuesday, December 16, 2014


tis the time of year it’s hard to post all the sewing and knitting projects that i have completed.
so much “do it yourself” fun happening here, but since i have many viewers and not sure if any of the recipients of said projects are popping in on the blog....well, i will just have to wait till after the 25th before posting my busy november and december projects/gifts.
i can show you some small gifts that were tied up with ribbon and given to some very happy colleages. 
handmade dish/hand clothes filled with homemade soap; honey oatmeal bar and a lavender bar.
the day is approaching where family will be picked up at the airport, lots of soul warming food made,
talks around the table, movies watching, dinner out, and all sorts of family gathering for 2 days.
2 days i look forward to, it’s like making it to the summit. i really try to keep things calm and not commercial at all and for the most part i am successful.
i want this christmas to be even calmer, i want to savior it all, i guess  what i want is a slow christmas.
hope your holiday planning is meeting your’s and your family’s needs.
happy holidays.
ps: do you celebrate the winter solstice day and if so, what are some of the special things you do for this day?


Kyle said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Angie said...

Love your hand-made decorations and gifts, Eileen. The very best kind, in my humble opinion. :) Sending wishes for your every moment to be full of love and delight.


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