Monday, December 29, 2014


the weekend was spent casting on projects and getting sewing projects set straight in my head. sooo many things to do-soo little time, especially if one works full time, which i am doing. after an 18month interview i found out before christmas i got the job permentently. yea for me, i have never had to apply for a job before, say what?, yes it is true and what a bi...........those applications are, so time consuming!  nothing like working for the same people for over 33 years and when ask to name previous supervisors with their phone numbers i write in “ dead, check the cemetery for residency”, really ?, i have only ever been employed here, check the records! but it is over and life is back on the tracks, back to work this week too.
knitting rules is a great knitting book full of good hearty laughs and much needed knitting information. 
cast on: louise
may your finial week of 2014 be calm and fulfilling.


Bonnie said...

That's funny and frustrating at the same time Eileen. Congratulations (I think). Haha.
Happy New Year.

Kyle said...

Congrats on your new job and Happy New Year.

Laura at Beehive Rugs said...

Congrats on the new job. I love all the yarn harlots books. I reread them all the time. Happy New Year.

karen said...

Happy new year! Love your squishy yarn :) congrats!!


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